Slide Clip

BAG with SLIDE CLIPOur Slide Clip is a simple and effective solution allowing you to close packs of cookies, pasta, flour, rice and coffee and all food packages made of plastic and paper. To preserve the fragrance and scent of your cookies, crackers, breadsticks, etc. .. use the Slide Clip NUOVA IDEA.

Do not leave your bags open! Avoid waste! Keep all the freshness and flavor of the products.

From today is no longer a problem:Those packages are made to keep food fresh and tasty, but closing them is always tricky. Our Slide Clip  brilliantly solves the problem, keeping all your food packages perfectly closed for a long time.Say goodbye to rubber bands, clamps, adhesive tape and clumsy DIY solutions!  Available in many sizes and colours, our Slide Clip will be your best friend in the kitchen! Take a look at our online shop and find out more about our home .

 How it workUses Types and colours